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Protecting your personal information is important for us!

We operate in accordance with the EU General Data Regulation 2016/679.

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Any future relevant regulation will be the subject of this Communication.

In any case, www.visualsalive.com reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data in accordance with the applicable legal framework.

The site collects personal information of its visitors / users only when they voluntarily provide them for the purpose of providing the services available electronically. Personal information is the information that can be used to identify or communicate with someone, as well as other information about that person. 

The personal data collected are as follows:

  • Name or Names
  • Occupation or property
  • Address and phone number
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Email address

The site will not sell or otherwise transmit or disclose personally identifiable information of its visitors / users to third parties not related to it without the consent of the visitor / user, except for the application of relevant legal dictates and to the competent authorities.

The site may process part or all of the data sent by visitors / users for statistical purposes and to improve its information services.

In addition to the services provided by the website www.visualsalive.com, it is disclosed and understood that these services are provided separately and without any obligation of the individual concerned, a potential customer to buy these services collectively. Whether an individual interested in more than one service will purchase depends solely on his / her own discretion and disposal.

Use Cookies

The site may collect user identification data using corresponding technologies such as cookies and / or Internet Protocol (IP) tracking.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of each visitor / user and do not know any document or file from their computer. They are used to facilitate visitor / user access to the use of specific services and / or pages for statistical purposes and to identify areas that are useful or popular.

These elements may also include the type of browser used by the visitor / user, the type of computer, its operating system, Internet services and other information of this kind. In addition, its information system automatically collects information about the locations visited by the visitor / user and about the links to third-party websites that they may choose through its use.

The visitor / user can configure his browser program in such a way as to either warn him or her about the use of cookies on specific services, or not allow the acceptance of cookies in any way. In the event that the visitor / user of the specific services and pages does not wish to use cookies for his / her recognition, he / she may not have access to these services.

The site contains links to other websites under the responsibility of third parties (natural or legal persons). Under no circumstances is it responsible for the privacy terms and conditions that these websites follow.

Limitation of liability of www.visualsalive.com – Disclaimer

The content is provided “as is” and does not provide any warranty, express or implied, as to the completeness, correctness, timeliness, commerciality, non-infringement or suitability of this content for any use, application or purpose.

The Site, under any circumstances, including negligence, is not responsible for any form of damage to the visitor / user of the pages, services, choices and contents of which he makes on his / her own initiative and with knowledge of these terms. It also does not warrant that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, that mistakes will take place or that answers to all the questions asked are answered. Similarly, it does not guarantee that any other related site or “servers” through which the content is made available to visitors / users is provided without “viruses” or other harmful components.

Using links to third-party sites

The site may provide access to third-party websites through appropriate links. These links are intended solely for the convenience of their visitors / users, and the websites to which they refer are subject to the respective terms of use of these sites. The placement of the links is not a sign of approval or acceptance of the content of the respective websites by its manager, who is not responsible for their content nor for the privacy practices or the accuracy of the materials available to them. If a visitor / user decides to use one of the third party sites through its links, it accepts to do so on its own responsibility.

Applicable law and other terms

The above terms and conditions of use, as well as any modification or change thereof, are governed by Greek national law, EU law and relevant international treaties. Any provision of these terms found to be in breach of this legal framework or rendered inoperative shall automatically cease to be valid and shall be withdrawn from the present, without in any case undermining the validity of the other terms. This is the overall agreement between the webmaster and the visitor / user of his pages and services and he only binds them. No modification of these terms will be taken into account and will not form part of this agreement unless it has been drafted in writing and has not been incorporated into it.

For any communication with the administrator please send an email to info@visualsalive.com. Also, if you have any problems with legal or moral issues in the node, especially with regard to its reproduction and use of intellectual property rights, please inform us at info@visualsalive.com