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Μy name is Konstantinos Chrissanthopoulos and I’m an architectural and portrait photographer based in Athens (Greece). I was born and raised in Italy, where I graduated from university with degrees in Civil Engineering and Economics. I’m also a loved husband and father of one wonderful kid.

After 22 years of a successful corporate career in pharmaceutical marketing and sales management, I decided to start a journey in photography with Visuals Alive. Photography was my lifelong passion since I was a child. At age 16, I bought my first camera, a Nikon FG, and since then photography has always been part of my life: a parallel universe that gave me the opportunity to capture and also render the beauty before my eyes.

I gained the knowledge and technical skills needed for this journey attending extensive seminars with internationally acclaimed  photographers like Mike Kelley and Elia Locardi, but also studying photography at Leica Academy (with Panagiotis Katsos, Manos Lykakis and Dimitris Michalakis). I’m also an experienced UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) pilot with certification from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (ΥΠΑ) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


What Visuals Alive do

A picture is worth thousand words. Today, that we live in an Internet era, the desire of rendering our beautiful moments timeless in our memory or the need of a successful promotion of our business are all things that require proper professional photography.  As we know, first impression is very important. For that reason the effective showcase of our store, rental space, restaurant, hotel or product is essential for our business. Good images bring out our space or our product, attract the customer, help to receive reservations more often and also help us to render our beautiful moments alive in our memory . At Visuals Alive we have the skills, the equipment and the artistic vision to give you the quality that you deserve.


Visuals Alive goal is to render timeless your memory and to give you a visual point of excellence for your business. 


Ansel Adams used to say “You don’t take a photograph, you make it” and this affects deeply what I do: blending art and technique in order to keep Alive in a single picture the memory of the real whole Visual experience. To this end, at Visuals Alive, we use advance photography and post processing techniques (along with the conventional approach) that will help you to render alive your memories and your business. 


All the pictures in the portfolio of this site belongs to Konstantinos Chrissanthopoulos, are his own intellectual property and are copyrighted. Please DO NOT use any picture in this website without his written permission.


Architecture Photography

Photography of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects. 

Hotels Photography

A successful hotel makes a guest feel like he/she is part of something larger: a location, style, or social scene. Photographs must capture this.

Real Estate Photography

You want your home to make a stunning first impression, right?  capturing the reality, a real estate photographer have the ability to make an ordinary home look extraordinary.

Interior Design Photography

Professional interior designers, and real estate developers often require to have some nice photographs of their creations to impress the clients, or display somewhere.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is the creation of images to help sell a product or a service. Commercial photographers  have to create compelling visual images that speak to the target audience of that product.

Aerial Photography

This is a key point for showcasing hotels, resorts and architecture because it offers unbelievable images from an elevated position that can show to the customers a variety of details not captured by traditional photography.

Portrait Photography

Professional Portrait Photography is more than just capturing a picture of somebody; it’s an artistic representation of a person’s attitude to preserve it forever.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is the art to use as canvas the landmark of new beginning in a couple’s life.

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