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Let Visuals Alive Help You to Render Alive Your Timeless Moments or Showcase your Business With Results That Only Professional Photography Can Achieve.

Architecture Photography

Architectural Photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects. A tenet of architectural photography is the use of perspective control, with an emphasis on vertical lines that are non-converging (parallel).

Hotel Photography

Hotel Photography should reflect the value of the business. Hotels should feel comfortable, shifting guests’ mood through Architecture & Design. Good design inspires productivity, encourages relaxation, and creates a social vibe.  Photographs must capture this.

Real Estate Photography

Photography has never been more important to selling real estate than it is today. Especially with services like Airbnb or Booking you want your home to make a stunning first impression, right? Always with care of the accurate representation of the property, a Real Estate Photographer have the ability to make an ordinary home look extraordinary.

Commercial photography

Commercial Photography is the creation of images to help sell a product or a service. In order to be successful, a commercial campaign has to be based on the emotion that drive people to purchase a given service. With more than 20 years of corporate marketing experience, the artistic vision and the love for the beauty, Visuals Alive can give you the point of excellence for your business that you need.

portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is more than just capturing a picture of somebody; it’s an artistic representation of a person’s attitude to preserve it forever. A photographer’s goal is to carefully blend a person’s distinguishing facial features while capturing his/her attitude and personality.

wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the reportage of a wedding day. But not only. Wedding photography it’s an art. The art to use as canvas the landmark of new beginning in a couple’s life. It’s a gift given to families in order to render timeless their beautiful moments. The wedding day is a day that will never happen again. Wedding photography is how we remember it. At Visuals Alive we have the artistic view to render timeless  your beautiful moments.

Reasons to Choose Visuals alive

We Can Provide You Beautiful Images That Renders Your Place Alive

Professional Work

Being a professional photographer is about the way in which you approach your work. It is the amount of effort that you put into educating yourself and knowing your gear like an athlete knows theirs. It is the amount of self-motivated learning that you do – not just in the beginning of your career, but throughout your entire career. It’s the amount of practice that you do to sure up and improve your techniques. It is the amount of research that you put in before you take the shot. It is the quality standards that you maintain before, during, and after the shoot. It’s the follow-up that you do with your clients. It is the relationships that you build. At Visuals Alive we really believe all that and this is what we do.


Knowledge and Style

Every photographer has their own unique style. Konstantinos Chrissanthopoulos, the owner of Visuals Alive, is a modern photographer  that love to blend advance photographing and post processing techniques with the knowledge of design and architecture that comes from his university studies on civil engineering. To all that he can add the marketing experience learned during more than 20 years corporate career in marketing and sales. The result is that Visuals Alive can really give you the point of excellence that you need for your business.


Artistic Vision

For a photographer vision means seeing the final shot before pressing the shutter, the real art happens during the preparation of the shoot. This is amazing and at Visuals Alive we really love this.  If you need the help of professionals to capture your property we have the skills, the equipment and the artistic vision to give you the quality that you deserve.


About me



Μy name is Konstantinos Chrissanthopoulos and I’m a professional photographer based in Athens (Greece). I’m the owner of Visuals Alive and If you want to know something more about me and what I do, do not hesitate to read the related page linked to the button here below.



Architecture Photography

Architecture Is A Visual Art And The Structures Speak For Themselves. 

“Architecture is one of the most appreciated art forms that date back to the time before the pyramids were erected. It took many forms; even the simplest geometrical lines were considered architecture. As the years went on, more complex creations were introduced to the world. There were now intricate designs and for some, symbolism. Today, each work of architecture depicts more than just a design; each work carries an identity, distinct characteristics and meaning.” (Michael Gabriel)

Hotels photography

Photos Help You Showcase The Benefits Of Staying At Your Hotel

You want your business to stand out. You want to rise above the competition and become the go-to hotel for visitors in your town or city. In attracting you target audience, your photography plays a crucial and undeniable role. People tend to pay more attention to visuals than just about anything else these days. Good branding and marketing begins with effective imagery. You need the help of a professional Hotel Photographer to capture your property.

Real Estate Photography

The Photos Used To Market A Home Must Not Only Be High Quality, But “Inspirational”

Photography has never been more important to selling real estate than it is today. With services like Airbnb or Booking you want your home to make a stunning first impression. Professional real estate photography is a powerful tool that is crucial for the speedy sale or rental of any home. Always attentive to represent the property with the proper accuracy, a Real Estate Photographer have the ability to make an ordinary home look extraordinary.

Recent Projects

Studio near the beach in Sardinia (Italy). Project done for promotion on Airbnb

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